What has been killing me lately is the thought that no matter how hard I might try to be kind and understanding towards others and life in general, I will still be hurting some one inadvertently. Just because no matter how close we are to each other in our physical proximity, our personal worlds with their multitudes of individual realities are billions of light years apart from one another, hence, misunderstandings are unavoidable. The only thing I can do is try to put aside my big hurt ego along with its minuscule feelings of being offended and just to go through my days with a bigger-then-myself view of life. Then, while still staying in a good intention mode, I can only hope that others will find it in their heart to practice the same and forgive me. I don' t think people intend to be hurtful, on the most part ... it's just that our worlds often do not meet on the same plane. And, yet, we are each a part of one Big World.

However, I must say that when it comes to my children, this holistic view of life is much harder to apply. That is maybe because I inadvertently feel as if they are my property along with their realities just because they have once occupied my womb, which however, is not so ... I just can not remember my nine year old self's view of life but it must have been even further then billions of light years apart from all the adult worlds around me, so I just blocked it.