Small work

Recovered War Log, 2010, 8”x9”, conte crayon,
watercolor on burned paper, fabric, pins, thread.

Working "small" is not my forte. When I work on a small scale I feel very much constricted. Working on a large scale work allows me to be free to explore the subject to its fullest and in much detail. However, recently I was forced to make some small work as a participant of "small works" show. Although, it was difficult to start, upon finishing a couple of pieces I have realized that working "small" has its priveilages. Working on a much smaller scale made me realize a certain finite quality of a small work, which, on the other hand, has allowed for a sense of freedom of its own: to finish, to think more constractively, to plan....

Single Cell, 2010, 5”x6”. conte crayon, watercolor

on paper, wood, wire, thread.